Column | Christmas without Christ

My Hindu Mother started a movement

For decades now my family has been celebrating Christmas.
A tradition that stems far from our own.
In my typical Hindu household my mother strings on the wires of lights.
Sprinkles every bit of decoration in snow as our house becomes a beacon of “Home alone” nostalgia  and a sense of Rockefeller cheer we’ve never actually seen in person.
We revel in the countless dishes my sister prepares in advance.

And surprise each other with countless gifts from the heart.
Christmas found its origin in the northern hemisphere of the world where we actually celebrated the winter harvest.
In the darkest days of the year we would warm up the sky with fire and lights. Over the years this tradition has evolved into several versions of its origin and eventually gave us the Coca Cola version of the holiday we came to know and sometimes even love.

For me, Christmas is an accumulation of my favourite winter cliche’s coming together and sharing it with those you love.
At least it is to me. Snow, hot cocoa and even Santa.
It’s become tradition.
That started with wonder. My mother, who never had a Christmas tree growing up, one day said, “I love this piece of decoration and tradition. I’m making it my own.” With lots of raised eyebrows she started a movement that has become a cheerful event for my entire family.
I'm glad we live in a time and space where it is possible to create your own traditions and where we are able to share so many beautiful customs together.

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, I hope you are warm and cherished during one of the most darkest times of the year. Even if you don’t string the lights or exchange the gifts I hope the extra bit of decoration outside will brighten your day just a bit longer.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays.
From my home to yours.


Shirodj Bholasingh


Ik ben Shirodj (1995) Ik kom uit Den Haag. Al heel mijn leven ben ik gefascineerd geweest door verhalen en wist ik dat ik onderdeel van deze magie zou willen zijn. Ik heb verschillende theaterstukken mogen meeschrijven, heb poëzie boeken vol gekladderd en ben momenteel bezig met het schrijven van een kinderboek.

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Marijke Biharie
6 maanden geleden

Ik ben super trots op!
Ik hoop nog meer te mogen lezen van jou.
Ik wens je veel inspiratie!
En ga zo maar door.
I love it.